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BetFiery Blaze service provides reliable high Internet access to residents of the Phoenix, AZ area. When people search for high-speed Internet options in the Phoenix area, they need the best high speed internet provider, for streaming, gaming, business and everything they’ll be using the internt for, and we are local Internet providers who give them service where other internet providers in Phoenix can’t, this means wireless internet in rural areas too. Get the best high-speed wireless Internet from BetFiery Blaze. Our wireless Internet options are available in places not serviced by big cable, telephone companies, or high speed internet companies. If you’re wondering what internet options for rural areas in AZ are then look no further than Phoenix.

Getting our home Internet services means enjoying continued access to web surfing, lightning fast internet speed for streaming shows, movies, and having the best internet for gaming. We are a wireless internet provider who offers a guaranteed 99.999% uptime with no data restrictions. By choosing an Arizona ISP, you also have access to our live, local support team. We are an internet service provider who provides services to residences and residential communities in zip codes such as 85007, 85040, 85006, and more. To top it all off, BetFiery Blaze is a no data cap internet, and a provider of rural high speed internet options as well. Other wifi companies in Phoenix simply do not compare to BetFiery Blaze.



If you thought there were a lot of video streaming services to choose from now, just wait a few months. A huge amount of brand-new streaming services are about to arrive and each one hopes to compete directly with the current streaming champions of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. The good news is that no matter how many streaming services you sign up for, or how many devices your household is using to stream your favorite programs, BetFiery Blaze has got you covered. Here are the best streaming services in 2020. Get your stream on!

  • A Large amount of new streaming services have come online in 2020
  • Disney+ looks to be strongest new entry, due to huge content library.
  • Amazon Prime, Netflix & Hulu remain three most popular services.

For households with a lot of streaming devices running at once, BetFiery Blaze offers one of the best options for lag-free, high-speed internet service in Arizona. We offer high speeds with no data restrictions — even in rural areas — so call today at 602-234-0917 for high-speed wireless internet for your home or business.


Online gaming is one of the most intensive online activities, meaning you must have a quality Internet connection to do it. For general gaming, you will need download speeds of between 1 and 3 megabits per second. If you want to play detailed games like Fortnite, look for a connection with speeds at the higher end of this range.

Speed is not the only factor that matters for online gaming. You also need to ensure that your Internet connection has:

  • Unlimited Data– If your connection has data caps, gaming and streaming will cause you to quickly hit those caps. You should thus look for a connection that does not limit your total monthly data use.
  • Low Latency– For effective gaming, your computer must be able to communicate with the game server quickly. This is nearly as important as the connection speed.
  • Consistent Quality– Some Internet connections, especially satellite-based ones, vary in quality depending on the weather, time of day, and other factors. Seek a connection that is consistent.

BetFiery Blaze offers consistent, high-speed Internet connections with no data caps, and is the best internet for gaming in rural areas as well.

Work From Home

The way the world works is shifting in significant ways, and you need to know that your business is fully prepared to meet the needs of your workforce both now and in the future.

  • Research everywhere touts the benefits of working from home.
  • The growth of IoT and smart home devices requires access to strong and consistent internet connections.
  • Implementing a remote work policy requires high-speed internet access for the office — as well as remote office locations.

If you are exploring how a work from home policy would impact your organization, contact the professionals at BetFiery Blaze by requesting more information online. Our team will work with you to analyze your company’s needs and recommend work from home internet speed requirements that will help support both your office and any remote workers.

Home School

Having dependable internet access is key to success; having the internet go down in the middle of class is not only disruptive, but it cuts into efficiency.  Having unreliable internet access is counterintuitive to homeschooling since it affects the flow of the learning process.

For this reason, high-speed access is preferable. You don’t want to have to wait for a program to download or have your online teacher’s presentation slowed by slower internet service. You might as well just close the laptop and read the books. But then again, that defeats the purpose and benefits of these well-orchestrated online programs that are in part reason for homeschooling success.

For homeschooling to be beneficial, you need data to download educational programs. Those programs, however, can take up a lot of data. If your internet provider has caps, you can expect your monthly bill to increase dramatically. Fortunately, some internet service providers have no caps on data. They are hard to come by, but BetFiery Blaze provides this service to its clients in Arizona. With the relief that comes from no data caps, you can rest assured your child will have the best homeschool experience possible.

We are also one of the leading wireless Internet companies providing quality services to home businesses along with the best high speed internet deals, rural internet options, and data center colocation services. To get home Internet options you can depend on, contact us today for the best high-speed wireless Internet in Phoenix.

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High Speed Internet Services Starting At $60 Per Month