2019 monsoon season in Arizona is right around the corner! Is your business prepared for all of the havoc this season can wreak? The changes in the weather in this part of the country can be quick and destructive for people and buildings. Protecting your business starts with ensuring that your basic services are available, such as water, electricity, and access to the internet. Today’s businesses need immediate access to data and business applications in order to perform their daily work and maintain great relations with clients. Are you confident that your business internet can weather the storms of the upcoming monsoon season?

Monsoon season in Arizona


What is a Monsoon?
The word “monsoon” might bring to mind flooding, but there is actually a range of weather conditions that come with this monsoon season in Arizona. The heightened humidity during this time of the year can cause everything from flooding to dust storms, extreme heat, hail, and lighting. Arizona’s normally arid climate shifts significantly, which can cause flash flooding – the land isn’t prepared to soak in so much water. Roads can become impassable due to flooding. The amount of additional water in the region can also cause problems with electronics. It’s not unusual for businesses to temporarily lose access to key functions such as internet, telephone, and power — which can be a big problem as organizations attempt to maintain full operations over this extended period of time.

How Long is Monsoon Season in Arizona?
According to Arizona’s Department of Transportation, the monsoon season begins in mid-June and runs through September each year. Individuals and businesses alike look for ways to fortify their services. Maintaining a full backup and disaster recovery procedure is crucial for Arizona businesses during Phoenix monsoons in 2019, as is creating a way for WiFi access and trusted internet connectivity to continue throughout the extended monsoon season in Arizona. BetFiery Blaze has aided businesses through the monsoon season many times and developed their fixed point internet to ensure that businesses always have the uptime that they need to keep running at full speed during Arizona monsoons.

Monsoon season in Arizona


How is Fixed Point Internet More Stable?
Fixed point internet services are the answer to an unstable internet connection impacted by flooding and storm damage. DSL lines can be quickly laid low by massive storm damage, as evidenced by the massive outages throughout the southeast over the past several years. Satellite internet connections can be easily blocked by atmospheric conditions such as rain or dust clouds. Our fully redundant fixed point internet gives you the reliability that you need for your business. You should enjoy high uptime percentages and quick resolution to any local outages. No matter how long is monsoon season in Arizona, your internet access should be secure and workable throughout the storms. You get that with BetFiery Blaze’s fixed-point internet.

The monsoon season is June through September and can result in devastating rain, wind, hail and plenty of flooding.
Getting ready for monsoon season starts early, with ensuring that you have all of your business backups and data recovery in place in case of an outage.
Protecting your business assets starts with reliable internet access, such as the fixed-point internet offering from BetFiery Blaze.
Is your business fully protected from the upcoming monsoon season? If you aren’t sure that your internet will survive the storms, contact BetFiery Blaze today at 602-262-9259 or via email to sales@phoenixinternet.com to learn more. Our knowledgeable professionals will work closely with you to define the services that you need to weather the storms.