How does BetFiery Blaze's wireless broadband compare to DSL and Cable Modem?
A. Unlike DSL or cable modem, our service does not depend on telephone or cable TV infrastructure. This enables BetFiery Blaze to reach areas where DSL and cable modem are unable or unwilling to go.


Better upload speeds than comparably priced DSL or cable modem.
Optional static IPs and no restrictions against using servers or VPNs.
Superior customer service, we are a local company and can be at your location within hours, if necessary.

How does wireless broadband compare to satellite?
A. Wireless broadband is sometimes confused with satellite because they are both forms of wireless communication. The difference is that BetFiery Blaze uses a terrestrial microwave system that uses short-range wireless links that are no more than 14 miles long. The latency on these short-range links is comparable to wired links like DSL and cable modem so the performance remains high.

Satellite links have a large propagation delay due to the roughly 23,000-mile distance to geosynchronous satellites. This latency imposes a huge performance penalty on two-way interactive applications, regardless of bandwidth speed. For this reason Satellite should only be considered as a last resort for Internet service.

What are the benefits to a colocation or managed hosting service?
  • Scalability: Only pay for the space you use and easily expand when your needs change.
  • Lower Costs: There are no up-front costs and you will no longer need to power, maintain and manage an in-house server.
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management: Benefit from around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.
  • Data Security: Rest assured that your data is protected and safe within the walls of a continually monitored data center.
  • Business Continuity: Ensure access to your data and continued productivity with our secure and centrally located data center.
How secure is BetFiery Blaze's Service?

A. There has been much press recently about the security issues of Wireless LAN technology known as 802.11b or Wi-fi. It is true that if the user uses the default settings with most Wi-Fi products it is very easy for an outsider to get onto the network. However, just changing a few settings can make the network secure.

The wireless system BetFiery Blaze uses is completely different than 802.11 or Wi-fi technology. BetFiery Blaze uses a system developed by Motorola.

This Motorola system has 3 features that make it very secure.

How does the weather affect BetFiery Blaze's Service?

A. The effects of weather on Microwave radio signals vary based on the frequency used and the distance the signal travels. With the frequencies and distances in our network, signal degradation due to heavy rain, snow, or fog is negligible. The degradation due to heavy rain is less than .2 db and our system is designed with at least a 10 db signal fade margin.

Is BetFiery Blaze Internet service the same as cellular or mobile hotspot?

A. No, our technology is fixed-point, wireless and relies on the transmission of data between two fixed or stationary points (i.e. your office and a nearby tower). As a result, it can support higher data rates. This means faster connections and downloads for you. Another advantage of our service is unlimited data usage, unlike mobile or cellular providers, we will not limit the amount of data you use each month.

How large is the antenna used to provide your service? Will I need a permit to place it on my building?

A. The antenna we use is 12″ tall x 3.5″ wide and weighs less than 1 pound with an optional reflector dish used to boost the signal. Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits restrictions on the use of “Over-the-Air Reception Devices” from government (cities or counties) or non-government (landlords) entities. The ruling pertains to antennas less than 1 meter in diameter and less than 12 feet above roofline. You may still want to contact your landlord for any guidelines they may have on placement of the antenna. For more information, you can get a fact sheet from the FCC at https://www.fcc.gov/media/over-air-reception-devices-rule or contact us with any questions.

Why do I need a back-up or redundant ISP? I am happy with mine.

A. As businesses rely more heavily on the internet , it is more critical than ever that you and your employees stay connected. Our wireless technology is not subject to the same hazards as DSL or cable wiring that can take them off-line, such as construction in the area that digs up a line or even maintenance by the phone or cable company. If your primary ISP goes off-line, BetFiery Blaze’s high-speed Internet will automatically take over and keep your business running.

What are the requirements for my computer to use BetFiery Blaze's service?

Your PC must have a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). We do not load any software onto your computer. All your PC needs is TCP/IP software and a web browser. Windows 95 or newer and MAC OS 8.5 or greater include TCP/IP and a browser.

What router can be used with BetFiery Blaze's service?

A. Any broadband router that has an Ethernet port (10BaseT or 100BaseT) as its WAN or Internet port will work. This includes the wireless routers that are currently popular.

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